The authority we have as believers in Jesus Christ

Your Authority as a believer in Jesus Christ allows you to fulfill your earthly purpose, as ordained by Holy Spirit. The believer must be clear as to what their authority is, where it comes from, and how to use it. Once that clarity is established, the believer is fully capable of utilizing their delegated authority in heaven and on earth.

It is time for us to exercise our authority, to cast out devils, to speak in tongues, to bind and loose in heaven and on earth.


Episode 13’s discussion was TSV’s first step, in a series of steps, assisting its listeners in understanding and operating in the authority they have as believers in Jesus Christ and how to help others walk in the same understanding. This is part of our purpose and we are honored to share this episode with you!

In this episode, we discussed… 

— Where does the authority of the believer come from and how do we obtain it? [09:04]

  • Jesus was given his authority, in the flesh, from God our father. We were given our authority by Jesus. The obtaining of that authority comes from belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. The TSV hosts discussed several scriptures concerning the origin of the Believers authority and how we obtain it, specifically John 17:1-2, John 3:35, Matthew 28:18-20, and Luke 10:19-20

— What is the authority of a believer in Jesus? [24:26]

  • The mid point of our conversation focused on actually defining, at a high level, what the believers authority is. Considering 1 John 4:17 says that we are just like Christ (as He is so are we), looking at what Jesus did on the earth is a good place to start when answering this question. We also detailed how our authority is delegated and that we are not the authors of it. No good thing is withheld from those (believers) who walk uprightly, who abide in Jesus Christ; the Giver of the believers authority to be utilized in heaven and on earth.

— How we use the authority we have in Jesus Christ? [38:12]

  • We closed Episode 13 by sharpening our focus on how to use the authority we have as believers. We use our authority by speaking what Jesus said in His word, in His name, against the forces of the enemy. Speaking what God said in His word, using the name of Jesus, is how we use our delegated authority. We must seek the One Who gave us our authority in order to know how to properly use it. This effective stewardship demonstrates our humility in the One that gives utility to our delegated authority. Lets operate in the fullness of this authority and be the man David describes in Psalm 1:3, a tree planted by the rivers of water bringing forth his fruit in his season.

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