The weapons of our warfare

The 3rd, and possibly final, installment of “The Authority as a Believer in Jesus Christ” series was a call to arms, if you will, as we detailed “The Weapons of our Warfare”. The weapons we use as believers in Jesus Christ, when engaging in Spiritual battle, are found in the Word of God.

From Episode 13’s opening of “The Authority we have as a believer in Jesus Christ” series, to Episode 16’s “Preparing for Spiritual Battle”, Episode 19 tells us of the weapons we have at our disposal and how we use those weapons in heaven and on earth.


Each of our spiritual weapons has a specific function in our battle against the enemy of our souls. Our aim for this series is to help believers in Jesus Christ know the authority they have in him, and to prepare for Spiritual battle using the scriptural weapons given to us by God the Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Lets engage “The Weapons of our Warfare”.

In this episode… 

— Brother Arthur opened the conversation portion of the episode by unpacking two of the weapons of our warfare, Thanksgiving and Fasting [12:00]

  • Thanksgiving and Fasting are two powerful weapons in the toolbox of a believer in Jesus Christ. Our daily thanksgiving is a sign of humility. Fasting breaks the yolks of bondage in the Spirit realm and natural realm (Isaiah 58:6). Brother Arthur made clear to our TSV listeners that Thanksgiving is a part of Gods will for our lives and shared another part of his life testimony. Brother Reme and The Reverend contributed to this segment, led by Brother Arthur.

—Brother Reme led our 2nd segment with inspired words from Holy Spirit concerning three of our potent weapons, Prayer, Praise/Worship and who God is…Love. [34:07]

  • The 2nd portion of our conversation centered on the potent weapons of Prayer, Praise/Worship and who our God is….Love. We know that prayer is our direct conversation to God in the natural realm. We also know that praying in the Spirit is our reborn spirits praying directed to God our Father in the Spirit realm. The enemy hates when we pray in the Spirit because he doesn’t know what our Spirits are praying to the Father of Spirits. Our God inhabits the praises of his people (Psalm 22:3) and when we operate in our Love power, the wicked one has no place into our lives. As Brother Reme led this segment, he succinctly declared that Praise and Worship reflects the posture of our hearts. What a powerful verity from Gods Word! Brother Arthur and The Reverend supported Brother Reme with additional biblical commentary in this segment.

— The Host of Episode 19, The Reverend, led the final segment of this end time message and delineated the final 3 weapons of our warfare we focused on in this episode, The Word of God, which is the Sword of the Spirit, The Name/Blood of Jesus, and our Testimony [56:13]

  • Our concluding segment of Episode 19 shined light on the final 3 weapons we listed from the outset of our communion. The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit, which pierces and divides the Soul and Spirit. The name of Jesus is the only name whereby men must be saved and his shed blood remitted our sins forever. Revelation 12:10-11 shows us how we overcame the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the Word of our Testimony. And this is the Testimony of the Hosts of TSV: God has given us eternal life and this life is in his Son Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that our TSV listeners have proclaimed the same testimony. Brothers Arthur and Reme supported The Reverend with Holy Spirit inspired testimony in this final segment.

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