The spiritual poison of unforgiveness

Unforgiveness contaminates anyone/anything it comes in contact with; for a follower of Jesus Christ, it’s an even deadlier poison that causes disorder, misalignment, and separation in our spiritual lives.

When followers of Jesus Christ engage in unforgiveness, they are unknowingly being kept away from their destiny because it acts as a leash around the soul to keep such individuals hostage. They become a prisoner of past hurts and disappointments–seeking vengeance, breeding bitterness, and manifesting the works of the flesh.


The 38th episode of your favorite podcast exposed the true culprit whose lab manufactures this spiritual poison and how to avoid or get rid of it.

We hope the conversation blesses you! Enjoy!!!

In this episode… 

— How does the enemy of our souls poison our spiritual lives through unforgiveness? [09:00]

  • There are several ways the enemy of our souls attempts to poison our spiritual lives using unforgiveness. These include getting us to be more like him by holding on to the prerogative of vengeance, despite several verses in Scripture reminding us that “Vengeance is the Lord’s.”
  • Another way he attempts to do so is by getting us to focus on the flesh (self) because his aim is to hinder our predestined purpose, but ultimately, it is still a choice. Followers of Jesus Christ can choose to forgive or not to forgive.

— What are some ways a follower of Jesus Christ can avoid or get rid of this spiritual poison? [30:20]

  • By
    • – Departing from iniquity
    • –Keeping our love walk
    • – Overcoming evil with good
    • – Guarding your heart
    • – Not quenching the Holy Spirit
  • A constant refrain here at TSV, do you believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God? Then do what it says…

— Outside of your response to the above questions, what else has Holy Spirit laid on your heart to share about the spiritual poison of unforgiveness? [46:20]

  • As followers of Jesus Christ, we are commanded to forgive; by choosing not to forgive, we are making a choice not to obey our Sovereign God. Although a subtle weapon in satan’s weak arsenal, unforgiveness immensely affects the lives of those who choose to engage in it.
  • Acts 8:23 tells us that the poison of bitterness leads to being bound by iniquity.
  • TSV family! Let’s have a genuinely repentant heart that’s quick to forgive others because we have been forgiven.

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