Episode 50

The Promiscuity of Grace

The grace of our sovereign God is not only foundational to the Gospel of Christ, but it is one of the most astounding and life- transforming aspects of His character.

A prominent attribute of this amazing grace is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate, nor is it restricted to a certain class, sort, or person. It is available to all, and as such we can confidently say divine grace, by its nature, is promiscuous.

Conversation Highlights

The hosts of your favorite podcasts asked and answered:

  • Is the grace of God conditional or unconditional?08:15
  • Grace vs Works: What is the relationship?31:00


Ephesians 2:8 tells us that grace through faith leads to our salvation, but it’s work doesn’t stop there in the lives of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Grace enables us to live a life truly pleasing to our God, and it also becomes our mission–for we who are followers of Jesus Christ are called to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

Grace is the Gift that opens the door to a new life and becomes the Way of that new life as well.

If you haven’t received this Gift yet, we prayerfully invite you to do so, today.

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