The divisions among us – the color of our skin

Episode 22’s conversation is the beginning of a 3 part series, titled “The Divisions among us, Skin Color, Doctrine and Denominations. Our dialogue was one of healing for the body of Christ as we focused on why these current divisions must not exist in a church without spot, wrinkle or blemish.

Our aim was not to amplify these challenges, but to share biblical verity to dismantle the divisive plan the enemy of our souls has been propagating in the body of Christ since the beginning of the church.


This timely end time message from your TSV hosts, is a part of their purpose as being ones that are crying in the wilderness. Hearken unto their cry as they engage in Episode 22’s “The Division Among Us….The Color Of Our Skin.

In this episode… 

— How does the color of our skin reflect our sovereign Gods plan in the earth and his Church? [10:53]

  • As we opened the conversation, the TSV hosts shared with their audience the biblical verity that the color of our skin was not our choice. It was the choice of our Sovereign God. His plan for the color of our skin is explicitly laid out in Acts 17:26- 28, however those that “say” they believe in Jesus Christ are not operating in this verity. Each host engaged in this question and provided scriptural support for their answers.

— Using Acts 17:26-28, and other supporting scriptures as a backdrop, what does “One Blood” mean and how can that be taught in our churches to battle prejudice spirit attempting to keep its stronghold among those that confess Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives? [33:00]

  • John 1:1-3 The mid-point of our conversation placed focus on Acts 17:26-28. “One Blood” is the term Holy Spirit used to describe our origin through the first man, Adam. All of the genetic markers needed to create the human skin color variety God desired was embodied in the first man. Continuing to preach this verity until the hearts and minds of all of those that hear this truth is what is required from Shepard’s in the church, and those charged to carry this end time message, until we see a lasting change in the church and, by extension, society.

— How do you as a believer in Jesus Christ live your life free of pre-judging anyone you encounter based upon their skin color? [51:06]

  • As we wrapped up Episode 22, each host gave personal steps and stories that they have used to keep themselves from pre-judging anyone they encounter in life. They understand that to do so, as a lifestyle, calls into question their very salvation. 1 John 4:20 says “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” Loving God isn’t something that qualifies as an event. It is a lifestyle of obedience to His Word, which includes loving your brothers and sisters that don’t look like you

TSV audience, open your hearts and minds as you listen to Episode 22.

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