The divisions among us – doctrine

Our 2nd season started with the 2nd installment of the 3-part series we started in Season 1, Episode 22, titled “The Divisions among us, Skin Color, Doctrine, and Denominations.”.

Our conversation for this episode continued in the same Spirit as Episode 22, in the fact that it was one of healing for the body of Christ as we focused on why doctrinal divisions must not exist in a church without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.


The episode’s aim wasn’t to amplify these challenges, but to share Biblical verity needed to dismantle the divisive plan the enemy of our souls has been propagating in the body of Christ since the beginning of the Church and continues to propagate through those who name the name of Jesus Christ.

In this episode… 

— What are doctrines of devils? [11:40]

  • In this first segment we answered the straightforward question posed by The Reverend, with the answer being that Doctrines of Devils are any teachings that directly contradicts Scripture. Scriptural background was given by the host and co- hosts to support their answers.

— We named two Doctrines of Devils currently being promulgated in the church directly and/or indirectly, and then we provided scriptural standing as to why they are Devil Doctrines. [28:17]

  • As we named 6 Doctrines of Devils in this middle segment we were clear, through scripture, why they were Devil Doctrines. These teachings have been so taught over the centuries that they have become the truth to so many that name the name of Christ. Doctrines of Devils are apart of the unfruitful works of darkness as scripture says in Ephesians 5:11 and we exposed 6 in this 2nd segment.

— We closed Episode 25 with us expanding upon the two doctrines of devils we each named in the 2nd segment, and we detailed for our Global TSV audience why these doctrines continue to persist, dividing the body of Christ, and what we can as believers in Jesus Christ do to combat these divisions. [53:39]

  • The concluding segment of Episode 25 allowed us to focus on the 6 Doctrines of Devils we exposed in the 2nd Segment and what we can do as believers in Jesus Christ to thwart them. As you listen to our Episode and this final segment, please know that part of our calling as believers in Jesus Christ is to expose theses lies in hypocrisy, reprove those that speak them, and then preach and teach the Word of God directly against those lies. We do this in Love. That’s how we combat these doctrinal divisions in the body of Christ and how we bring unity to all of those that profess Jesus Christ as Lord.

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