The destructive force of pride – Part 2

Episode 39 was the 2nd part of now series we started in Episode 31 titled “The Destructive Force of Pride”. As we contemplated in 31, it is pure hubris for mankind, not just believers, but mankind, to think speak and do anything that is contrary to the Word of God.

We highlighted the fact that all of God’s creation is subject to him, and that any notion to the contrary is rooted in the sin of pride. Operating in a lifestyle of pride, evidenced by the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you undertake, will destroy you, believer or unbeliever. This verity is especially cautioning for a believer, as we read in Hebrews 10-26-27 during that episode.


For 39 we reiterated Episode 31’s focus with additional commentary concerning our God ordained relationships and what yielding to the pride spirit will do to them if we allow it. The Hosts of your favorite podcast thank you for listening along with studying the show notes for this Episode.

In this episode… 

— How does pride hinder and then destroy your ministry relationships? [11:48]

  • As believers in Jesus Christ, our first ministry is our family (1 Timothy3:5). How we as Men of God live our lives before our families is a true indication of the life we lead outside of our families. We are all called to preach the gospel to every creature, regardless of where we serve in the Body of Christ. Our first segment conversation centered on how pride hinders and destroys your family and ministry connections if those relationships are not filtered through the Love of God already inside of you as a believer.

— How does pride hinder and then destroy your businesses and the relationships within your businesses? [32:27]

  • The middle potion of our dialogue laid out some expedient verities for those who are allowing the pride spirit to dictate their decision making in business, or on the job, and those relationships you have in your business or job. The hosts of your favorite podcast both made it a point to detail how people mistakenly think the business they have are actually theirs, thus making decisions as an owner. We are owners of nothing, but stewards over all that God has given us, and we will have to give an account to the one whereby all things consist. Within our stewardship is diligence, and that doesn’t mix with a pride spirit (Proverbs 22:29). When allowing oneself the latitude to engage in the sin of pride, your relationships within your stewarded positions will determinate and ultimately be dismantled.

— Name some of your best Spirit-led practices that you use to fortify your ministry, business and personal relationships, and how do you reconcile any of those relationships that need it? [45:38]

  • Our final stanza was a familiar set up in the fact that the hosts gave some best Spirit led practices to fortify the relationships in your life. Honesty keeps pride out. It also exposes pride in the sense that if you cannot be honest about an area in your life, then you have yielded to pride by holding back what is meant to be shared. You must also acknowledge God in all your ways, so that he directs your path (Proverbs 3:6). Lastly, being consistent within your relationships gives those you are connected to familiarity in the sense that if there are some challenges, they can go back to a place where they know you will be steadfast, thus providing common ground to start reconciliation. That familiar place should be the Word of God and how you live your life, regardless of if someone in the relationship isn’t a believer. We are called to be salt and light for all we encounter. TSV family, lets continue to let our light shine and live a life free of pride!

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