Episode 54

The Church

No other entity is more important than the Church with regard to advancing God’s kingdom agenda on the earth. It is the body of Christ that was given heavenly authority in Matthew 16 v 19 to act as God’s representative agency on earth.

It is even more important now for the Church, as the bride of Christ, to be refreshed with the eternal Verity of its fundamental definition, composition, and primary mandate, as we wait with excitement for the return of our Bridegroom.

TSV family! Grab your Bibles, open up your journals and let’s feast on the Verity that is the Word of God.

Conversation Highlights

The hosts of your favorite podcasts asked and answered:

  • What is the Church?07:05
  • Why is Church membership important for a follower of Jesus Christ?25:04
  • Identify two things that the Church should be doing now according to its Biblical mandate.42:06


The Church belongs to Christ, “…and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16 v 18, (emphasis added). He is the head of the Church, Ephesians 1 v 22, and 5 v 23, and He will return for His Church.

All believers make up the universal/global Church as different parts of the Body, 1 Corinthians 12 v 12-31 and we assemble in local Churches as mandated by our sovereign God, especially as we see the Day drawing near, Hebrews 10 v 25 .

One look around the current state of the world and it’s easy to see that this is the Church’s finest hour to speak the Truth in love, Ephesians 4 v 15 , love one another, 1 John 4 v 7 , and ultimately make disciples of all nations, Matthew 28 v 18-19 .

As He promised, the gates of hades shall never prevail against His Church. AMEN!

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ and feel led to accept Him as your Lord and Savior, we invite you to do so, today.

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