A Christian’s relationship with money

Having an understanding of what the Bible says about money is vital to the strengthening of a Christian’s eternal perspective because the Bible does have a lot to say about finances. It’s been reported that there are about 2,350 verses concerning finances in the Bible, and of the 38 recorded parables of Christ our risen Lord and Savior, 16 of them deal, in one way or another, with money — clearly, money is an important subject.

Since the Bible and our Lord Jesus while He was here on earth felt the need to place such emphasis on this topic, we @ the Spoke Verity Podcast felt it is imperative to take some time and explore a Christian’s relationship with money.


Let’s think about it this way: the Bible has about 500 verses pertaining to the topics of faith and prayer but 2,350 verses on finances? Almost half of Christ’s recorded parables were related to the topic of money? Why is that? We believe that’s because God knows that our attitude towards money is an indication of where our heart is. Matthew 6:21

In this episode, we discussed… 

— Why should Christians tithe?  [06::33]

  • This question might seem pointless to believers whose hearts are for the Father and operate according to Scripture, but it was important to address this topic due to the ongoing backlash against tithing, even from within the Church. According to the Bible, we, Christians tithe to show that we trust God with our finances, and by large, our lives. It is important to note though that the tithe is not for God’s benefit—He doesn’t need our money. Ultimately, tithing isn’t about the money, it’s about the heart. It’s living with “the attitude of gratitude.

— Outside of giving, what other ways do you steward God’s financial blessings, as God’s money manager?  [30:05]

  • When asked about ways they steward God’s financial blessings, most people respond to the question by listing giving, which is the primary reason why this question was phrased in this manner, and in answering the question, each host took turns to enumerate the practical ways they steward God’s financial blessings.

— What does the Bible really say about prosperity/wealth? [50:54]

  • As we stated earlier, there are a ton of passages in the Bible relating to money/finances/wealth, and in this last segment, the hosts touched on a couple of them — 3 John 2 and Deuteronomy 8:18.
  • The former speaks to how the Holy Spirit wishes “above all things” that we prosper, even as our souls prosper, and the latter verse is where Moses is instructed to remind the people of Isreal that it is the Lord God Who gives them the power to “gain wealth.”
  • Our God wants us to prosper, as long as the prosperity doesn’t replace Him as #1 in our lives. At the end of the day, success is being at the center of God’s divine will and purpose. AMEN!!!

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