Preparing for spiritual battle

The 2nd installment of “The Authority as a Believer in Jesus Christ” series brought lucidity concerning our preparation for spiritual battle. As we operate within our delegated authority from our God, through Jesus Christ, we must understand that our preparation for spiritual warfare is just as requisite as the application of our preparation.


Our preparation for spiritual battle is a daily enterprise. We must be constantly engaged with Holy Spirit so that we can discern attacks from the enemy of our souls. The weapons we use in our warfare are not carnal and we must be clear as to who our enemy is. The enemy of our souls is the Devil. Episode 16 unpacks biblical steps to aid believers in Jesus Christ in their preparation for spiritual battle.

In this episode, we discussed… 

— When I use the phrase “enemy of our souls”, who is that and what does that entail? [09:54]

  • The Devil is the enemy of our souls, as detailed in scripture. Flesh and blood isn’t our enemy (Ephesians 6:12). For us as believers to focus on anyone other than the Devil and his demonic forces as our enemies, is playing right into his hand. In order for believers to properly prepare for spiritual battle they must correctly identify the enemy of their souls. This segment provides unmistakable clarity in answering the discussion question.

— As believers, what weapons do we use in our fight against the enemy of our souls? [30:20]

  • As we transitioned to the middle segment of our conversation, we shifted our focus to discussing what weapons we use in our fight against the enemy. We also established that we as believers are operating from a position of strength concerning the fact that we already have the victory over the Devil through what Jesus Christ did on the cross. In order for our scriptural weapons to work in heaven and on earth, we must speak the word of God as written, and specifically against what the attack against us is. Knowing the weapons to use during spiritual battle can be the difference between continued victory or temporary defeat. 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 was a part of the foundational scriptures we shared during this segment..

— How does a believer prepare for spiritual battle? [52:52]

  • Our final segment of Episode 16 looped in our episodes focus, which is to aid our believing TSV listeners in preparing for spiritual battle. Our preparation for spiritual battle starts with first understanding the authority we have as a believer in Jesus Christ. That understanding and knowledge comes from the word of God. Without that understanding, you will be defeated in areas where you already have the victory through Jesus Christ. Your preparation must also include identifying your foe and the tricks that he is using to get you focused on yourself and your problems as oppose to the answer to those problems found in the Word of God. Obedience to God and his written word is paramount and our preparation isn’t complete without it. When we obey God, we are choosing life and positioning our generations for life as we see in Deuteronomy 30:19.

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