As followers of Jesus Christ, we have a love and passion for our sovereign God; and a desire and pleasure in the people and things He created for us to enjoy on the earth. It is at this intersection we find the subject of idolatry.

While for some, the mention of idolatry might still evoke concepts of handmade statues of animals and other objects that certain people worship, for a follower of Jesus Christ, that is barely scratching the surface because we know idolatry is a condition of the heart.


The 40th episode of your favorite podcast explored idolatry by defining it according to Scripture, affirming why idolatry is dangerous for a follower of Jesus Christ, and identifying modern forms of idolatry.

We pray Holy Spirit refreshes you as you listen to the conversation.

All the blessings!

In this episode… 

— Using Scripture, how would you define idolatry? [05:25]

  • The Bible deals extensively with idolatry, but comprehensively, it is “the worship or devotion to someone or something other than our sovereign God.” Someone could be a spouse, kids, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a Pastor/Spiritual leader. Something could be business success, good grades in school, a hobby, a musical group, a sport, other people’s approval, or even an immaculate yard.
  • By itself, these are good people/things, but the pursuit or elevation of them above God is idolatry, and it is a sin.
  • TSV family! Bible verses referenced during this segment of the conversation include:
    • – I Samuel 15:23
    • – Ezekiel 8:12
    • – Romans 1:18-25
    • – 2 Peter 2:15-18
    • – Colossians 3:5-6
    • – Ephesians 5:5
  • We encourage you to use them as your starting point when studying the Bible on this subject.

— Why is idolatry dangerous for a follower of Jesus Christ? [20:45]

  • An idolater is in direct rebellion against God, and we know Lucifer is the #1 rebel. So, in essence, engaging in idolatry is equivalent to being one who hates our sovereign God.
  • In John 10:10, we find this Verity, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”.
  • Brothers and sisters, the enemy of our souls game plan is to steal, kill, and destroy. When a follower of Jesus Christ engages in idolatry, it is an open invitation to satan to get us off the will of God and cause us to be ineffective in this natural realm.
  • If you need further Verity, Colossians 3:6 tells us that the wrath of our omnipotent God is coming for those who engage in idolatry; need we say more?

— What are some common forms of idolatry in our world today, and how can a follower of Jesus Christ overcome these “idols”? [41:02]

  • There are several common forms of idolatry, but here are a few: sex, money, power, and even your identity.
  • Humility is the key to overcoming the idols named above and others not mentioned.
  • TSV family! Our God is sovereign. We shall have no other gods before Him.

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