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At The Spoken Verity Podcast, we speak the eternal Verity, the unchangeable Truth that is the Word of God, in love.

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Meet Reme “Sozo” Ekoh

In His infinite mercy and wisdom, God predestined that Reme would come into this world through a mother who not only talked the talk but walked the walk. Her grace, humility, and heart for God and people were the building blocks of Reme’s life.

So much so that despite straying so far away from the Lord, those foundational Verities planted in his heart by a loving mother helped him find his way back to the open hands of an ever-faithful God and His unconditional love.

The Word of God will be the foundation of Reme’s contributions on The Spoken Verity podcast, and where necessary, his ‘storied’ journey and global outlook will form the basis for his personal views.

Professionally, Reme is entrusted with the ability to create using design and code, and he continues to do so to the glory of God and for the good of others.

Reme lives in Houston, TX, with his wife–whose love continues to nourish his soul, and their daughter.If you’d like to connect with Reme to share your salvation story, praise report, request prayer, or comment on his contributions to The Spoken Verity podcast, please feel free to do so via connectwithreme@thespokenverity.com.

All the blessings!

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Meet “The Reverend” Wiley Harris III

Wiley Harris III comes from a lineage of Verity seekers and speakers. His Father and Mother taught him from a young age that Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Building upon that foundation and teaching his family of 4 the same truth, Wiley is being utilized by God to lead and teach within his sphere of influence.

That sphere encompasses business concerns to include publically traded companies and Government entities, and spiritual concerns including the largest church in America. His compassion for others and his principled, biblical life convictions, allows him to rightly divide the Word of Truth with all that he encounters.

Wiley understands that Gods purpose and plan for his life cannot be thwarted so he leads and teaches undeterred, as he is led by Holy Spirit, all those under his charge. He trusts that the leading of Holy Spirit allowed him to be a Co-Creator/Co-Host of The Spoken Verity Podcast and is confident his contributions to the Podcast and The Spoken Verity Project are reflective of that leading.

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