A Christ-centered marriage

In setting the foundation for this episode, it is imperative to state that we at The Spoken Verity Podcast (TSV) unequivocally believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and was created before man’s fall in the garden of Eden. See Genesis 2:24, and Matthew 19:4-6.

Even at that, a marriage can be ‘doing great,” but not necessarily centered around Christ. In expounding on this topic, we applied Ephesians 5:22-33 as our foundational Scripture.


Basically, a Christ-centered marriage means that Christ is that point around which the husband and wife orbit. Their whole universe finds its existence and purpose in relationship to Jesus Christ. A Christ-centered marriage not only shares passion but, more importantly, has a mission to further God’s Kingdom agenda here on earth.

Since this episode’s focus was from a practical standpoint, the conversations we had during this episode were very personal.

In this episode, we discussed… 

— What does a Christ-centered marriage look like through the lens of your marriage? [10:30]

  • Through the lens of TSV hosts marriages, a Christ-centered marriage means loving our wives sacrificially, honoring and respecting them, praying together, and standing as a united front against any demonic force that attempts to come against the marriage and the family. Also, ensuring we raise our kids on the Word of God.

— How do you honor your spouse? [36:02]

  • Honoring our spouses is a significant piece of having a Christ-centered marriage because when we honor our spouse, we honor God. The TSV hosts stated how they honor their wives by serving them, listening to them, keeping their eyes on them, enhancing their gifts and talents, and lastly, providing for them and protecting them.

— Using Colossians 3:19 as a guide, how do you handle disputes in your homes? [51:54]

  • We deal with issues head-on, squashing them immediately, so it doesn’t fester. “Once it’s done, it’s done and we move on from it…” We ensure that there’s an atmosphere of praise and worship in the house. We keep strife out of the house because “strife stops the power of God.”

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